1. What is eTestportal.com ?

eTestportal.com is a platform which provide online test for general preparation and institute can add test sets. Institutes can add public/private category for different type of general competition examination. You can create test sets with private key and give access for whom which want to give test from your private sets. Student can get current and previous test result

2. How do I sign up?

It is easy to register click on Register Link from Right Top Corner and register. You can also simply register using G+ Google Sign In. from login page.

3. What can i find on eTestportal.com?

You can find a lot of test set for general preparation.if you are institute than you can add own private test sets

Technical Queries

4. How to login in my account?

It is simple, you can login right here: eTestPortal.com In case you have forgotten the password, click on the ‘forgot password’ link to reset the password. Once you do that, you will receive a confirmation mail from us. In case you still can’t login, contact us here and we will help you reset your password securely.

5. How to add public/private category,group,question of general preparation.

a)Category:- You can add public/private category of general preparation, just click on management menu button, than fill category name and check Status and last one click create button.
b)Group:- You can add public/private Group, just click on management menu button than fill category name,group name ,set time for test ,check status ,if you want to create private than "checked" is private and click create button.
c)Questions:- You can add questions simply,just click on add question button and fill all details like(select category name,select group name) than add question with option and answer also.

6. How to show group and category?

In management tab show category and show group buttons you can handle show/hide for categories and groups.

7. How to see my test result?

Click on your name on right top corner and clisk on My Test Score.